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Crazy Dreams, Heartburn, & Forgetfulness… wait what?

So I started writing a blog post on November 13th of last year and here is how it started, “Lately, I have been having crazy vivid dreams. Normally I wake up in the morning and I can’t remember what it is that I’ve dreamt. The other night was an exception to say the least”. I knew at this point that I was pregnant, what I didn’t realize at the time was that vivid dreams are apparently a symptom of pregnancy.

To this day, I still remember basically everything that happened in that dream. I was with Mike, his mom and sister and we were driving around what appeared to be Lake Tahoe. We were coming around a sharp corner where I warned Mike to be careful. It turned out the SUV we were in decided to go hurdling into the water and I had enough sense to try and roll down the windows before we hit the water. The sun was setting, and the water was this magical electric blue color. We were all okay(thank goodness) but apparently I needed to go back to the sinking car and grab my purse. Mike swam down with me and I grabbed my purse. The scene below the water was something out of a movie, and suddenly I don’t think we were in Tahoe because the sandy shore was clear and there was surprise… a pirate ship wreck! I remember trying to take a picture with my phone while under the water and then realizing that phones don’t work in water I then woke up! Now at 19 weeks pregnant(35 weeks pregnant now…) I’ve had a plethora of vivid, random, hilarious dreams since then. Sometimes if I’m half awake when Mike is waking up I try to mumble them to him so I don’t forget I really need to just write them down in reality. I had a dream that I had given birth to a girl, when realizing that I was supposed to have a boy… then there was poop all over the floor. I’ve had dreams about getting sunburnt, vampires, a lot about the house that I grew up in, breastfeeding, hanging out with my friends and family, and also probably almost every member of the cast of Lord of the Rings… not necessarily in that order. Our brains are really creative with the things they come up with in our subconscious, and pregnancy is undoubtedly a crazy experience.

I feel like I’ve gotten so lucky as far as symptoms go, I had very mild nausea in the first trimester and threw up a handful of times. Now if I’m nauseous it’s because I’ve eaten too much, then that turns into some wicked heartburn and acid reflux! Also… THE PREGNANCY BRAIN! I was a space cadet BEFORE pregnancy, so now if I don’t write stuff down, I will walk into a room initially having an intention for being there and immediately turn right around because I’ve completely forgotten what the heck I’m doing. Since about 31 weeks I’ve felt like I’ve gotten extra “pregnant” just by a size increase. It’s a drastic difference from being about 20 weeks pregnant and still not feeling “pregnant”. Everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy in how they carry, how much weight they gain, when they start to show, etc etc! The one thing that has kept me grounded throughout though has being able to swim. I set a goal for myself to swim 50 miles, which hopefully I will end up swimming more than that however I will reach this goal by next week! I started my goal back in mid February, I had about 80,000 yards to swim as of yesterday I have a little over 6,000 yards left to swim! Definitely reachable, and I will be so satisfied once I’ve done it! It’s funny, because I’ve always loved swimming, but I definitely feel so much more graceful when I’m back in the water. As the baby gets bigger I definitely feel like I have a little boat anchor attached to my stomach! I stopped doing flip turns weeks ago, but once in awhile I like to give myself a good laugh and do a couple. Whereas you’d normally want to engaged your core very tightly when your flipping, I find myself engaging my arms the most and it’s all I can do to flip over with this belly!

Swimming in Nevada!
Mandatory Mom & baby belly selfie.

Now… to stop procrastinating the long list of things to be completed before the baby comes, until next time!


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