Wide Open Walls 916

Open your mind to street art and the pure beauty and talent that goes into creating these incredible masterpieces.


Steady Realizations

   I think that there comes a point in which you can't keep living your life aimlessly hoping that someone you have given everything to will suddenly decide to change their mind and begin to want you or want to be a part of your life. You have to live life for YOU, trying everyday… Continue reading Steady Realizations


Fun in the Sun☀

About a week and a half ago my family and I made a venture out to El dorado beach with a rented stand up paddle board and lots of beach toys in toe! The family was all together, Joseph, my oldest brother with his girlfriend and the two little munchkins, and then Jorden and his… Continue reading Fun in the Sun☀


A day at Zephyr Cove

On July 1st, my father's 58th birthday... We went as a family to Zephyr Cove. My super cool Uncle Jeff treated us to parasailing, and then we got to test out some jet skis. The parasailing was an incredible experience that I will treasure forever truly. Being hundreds of feet in the air above looking… Continue reading A day at Zephyr Cove