late night musings

It's one of those moods where you can't quite shake the feeling of regret. You reflect so suddenly on your life and all of a sudden you just wish someone in this crazy world had already invented a time machine so that you could go back and fix every single one of your stupid mistakes.… Continue reading late night musings


June 22nd

Before she opened her eyes, she already felt a shiver run through her body from the chill in the air. She was laying on her left side, facing a window, she could sense that there was someone behind her but she did not know who it was. Alarmed by the way sleep was taking hold… Continue reading June 22nd


Steady Realizations

   I think that there comes a point in which you can't keep living your life aimlessly hoping that someone you have given everything to will suddenly decide to change their mind and begin to want you or want to be a part of your life. You have to live life for YOU, trying everyday… Continue reading Steady Realizations


Never Judge A Post By It’s Title

The Possibly Insightful Thoughts of HE

I would like to take a moment to apologize for my previous post.  I have always had trouble remembering that I am not as good a writer as I might think.  And no this is not me bashing on myself in hopes you might praise me.  I have never been one to waste good bait fishing for compliments.  Now that that’s settled, let us move on.

The Universe never told me I was going to end up with a broken heart at nineteen.  And trust me, if it had I probably would have laughed in its face and asked for something a little more cliche.  Because let’s be honest, teenage girls everywhere have cried after finding out that this thing we call “love” just isn’t in the cards for us.  Reader, I hope you haven’t already given up on this post because I promise it’ll get better.  This isn’t going…

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