Short excerpt from 2015

Short Excerpt from 2015Going through an old journal and found this, random but relevant…

“Maybe it’s cliche, but if someone were to give you a book entitled “Your Life” would you skip to the last few pages of the book to find out how it ends? Or would you not read a page? More importantly what if you went to open the book just to find blank pages at the end? Our lives are our own. Each day that we are blessed with fresh air in our lungs is another blank page to write our story.

I cannot begin to understand people, I feel like everyone is so intricately woven.”

Just a little thought for your Saturday, it blows my mind the way life plays out, and how unexpectedly life just happens. Feeling beyond grateful for the blank page I have been given today.

And not that you care, but if you haven’t heard The Sea and The Rhythm by Iron and Wine, you should listen to it.


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