Wide Open Walls 916

So, I moved to Sacramento California, the state capitol. My rad roommate suggested we go to this mural walking tour in downtown Sacramento. It was an incredible experience getting to explore a little bit of Sac as well as seeing such talented artists at work. The festival lasted from the 10th to the 20th, and it’s designed to celebrate street art, there were over 40 artists that were not only local to the Sacramento but international as well. Some of the pieces are just so breathtaking that it’s hard to put into words just quite how they make you feel. I hope you enjoy some of the snap shots I got of the pieces. Some of the artists that stuck out to me, were How and Nosm the twin brothers Raoul and Davide Perre, as well as Kinetik Ideas, Anthony Padilla, Maren Conrad, John Horton(distorted sci-fy pixels), Ludo, Tavar Zawacki, Jorit Agoch, and the incredible Christina Angelina. There were clearly so many more artists, and I hope to see more murals as I make my way through life in Sacramento. Definitely check out the festival, I can’t wait to see what is added next year! Please check out their website here!

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