Emerald Bay for the Day

If you find yourself venturing to the BE-A-UTIFUL South Lake Tahoe California, I definitely recommend making a stop at Emerald Bay. Accessible by foot OR boat, on highway 89 there is parking and a walk down to Vikingsholm built by Lora Knight. It is worth the stop, walk and/or drop off. Knight married into an incredible amount of money, and used this money to educate those who could not afford it. The house is breathtakingly beautiful and until you see it in person, it is difficult to picture a 38 room mansion!

Another treat is the tea house centered right in the middle of the bay. I’ve been climbing this thing since I was little, and lemme tell you, it is most definitely worth the view. It is a short yet semi steep hike. Shoes are recommended! Although swimming to the island, sometimes it doesn’t exactly work out. Shout out to iphone 7’s being water proof because we were able to swim the phone over and take some pretty cool pictures!

With any other day trips you attempt in Tahoe I definitely recommend getting an early start. We were going to get out on the water when the dock opened at 8am.. but of course that never happens, so even thought we didn’t get out until about 9:45a.m. there was still a limited amount of people and the water was clear and the wind was minimal!

Packing snacks or a lunch for the day is ideal, and definitely bring water because it is undeniably essential! The sun is hotter than I’m used to so I also definitely make a note to get 50 plus SPF as well as remember… REAPPLY REAPPLY REAPPLY! … I suddenly sound like my mother… HA! But seriously- the Tahoe sun is brutal! Heed my words!

Mark Twain once said that Tahoe was, “the fairest picture the whole Earth affords,” and he was not wrong, the views and landscapes are breathtaking. 

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