June 22nd

Before she opened her eyes, she already felt a shiver run through her body from the chill in the air. She was laying on her left side, facing a window, she could sense that there was someone behind her but she did not know who it was. Alarmed by the way sleep was taking hold of her again, she couldn’t help but plunge back into the dream world that she was trying to escape from.

She was quickly awoken by a sudden change in the weather, there was snow all around her and she was laying in it. Actually, she was starting to slowly sink deeper and deeper into the snow she couldn’t turn her head so as she was looking up all she could see were tall evergreens towering over her. Panic gripped her, when all of a sudden two blue eyes popped in front of her line of vision. It was him, the man that she had envisioned in her last dream. Her eyes widened as he smiled at her, he walked around reaching out a hand to help her back up. As she was able to move her arm to grab his hand as soon as she did she was awakened by the sound of her phone going off. The tank top she was wearing was drenched in sweat as she grasped at the sheets looking around, she was back in her room, in her own bed, and she was alone.

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