Dixie, the devil Rottweiler puppy.

My family and I adopted a Rottweiler puppy 10 days ago. Let me tell you, it has been the longest 10 days EVER. At first, we couldn’t think of a name, they ranged from Bella, to Olive, to Honey(She looks like a little bear cub from behind) and finally when we went to Zephyr Cove the other day my parents and I agreed on the name Dixie, like the ferry boat the M.S. Dixie.
I love her to death, but that’s simply because she’s so CUTE. I mean come on, look at that face! Precious right?
Wrong. She chews, and licks, and her breath smells atrocious, and I’m constantly volunteered to take her to go potty. When she eventually goes, I have to encourage her by telling what a good job she did eating dirt, and running away from me until she finally “did her business”. She’s a never ending pain in the butt.
Now, call us cruel but we do have a mini muzzle for her, simply for her safety. She’s been teething like craaaaazy, so she proceeds to chew everything that doesn’t bite her first. So I’m constantly sticking my fingers in her mouth pulling out pine needles or bits of pine cones that are sharp and dangerous especially if they went down her little throat!
So far so good, and she is still a rambunctious, healthy little devil dog. She’s tiny now, but I cannot wait to show how much she grows! It’s funny how it seems like a love/hate relationship but I could never hate her, just her stubbornness!







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