A day at Zephyr Cove

On July 1st, my father’s 58th birthday… We went as a family to Zephyr Cove. My super cool Uncle Jeff treated us to parasailing, and then we got to test out some jet skis. The parasailing was an incredible experience that I will treasure forever truly. Being hundreds of feet in the air above looking down on the sparkling blue water reflecting like millions of diamonds in the sun was definitely one of those moments where you wished that you had a pause button on life, it may sound cliche but it was truly picture perfect. I would recommend parasailing for any adventurer, the thrill from soaring above everyone was truly magically.

Now mind you I’ve never ridden on, OR driven a jet ski, so it was quite the experience. I forced my older brother Justin to let me drive first because I was dying to get behind the wheel. Once I got past the “Slow down” buoy, I let the sleek, shiny red little(it was actually fairly large) jet ski rip! Justin in the meantime was screaming behind me like a little girl as I gradually increased the speed. 5 mph became, 10, and 10 quickly became 19mph. I felt like we were flying across the water. All of a sudden I let go of the throttle and the jet ski made a large whooshing sound and it instantly lost momentum and settled into floating peacefully again.
I looked back at Justin and said, “Now that
was fun!” He asked how fast we went and I proceeded to tell him we were going a mere 19 mph. What does he suggest? To go faster. I needed no more encouragement than a sudden jet skier flying past us going at high speeds and I quickly cranked up the throttle from 0 to 30 in a matter of seconds. Justin and I were both screaming and laughing as we jumped through the deep blue water. Sometimes the water would splash up on our faces but it was nice and refreshing as the sun was beating down on us.
All in all, I think that jet skiing for the first time was the highlight of my day. However lucky for me? The day wasn’t over yet!

I got to participate in 3 incredible outdoor activities on Monday, and the last one was stand up paddle boarding. Now I tried it one time last summer but I hadn’t done it since and I was itching to get back up! So before I knew it I was paddling out in the harbor, looking out at the lake and trying not to lose my balance! Now that’s one thing I do pride myself on is that I haven’t fallen off a board yet… Knock on wood? Last time my parents did it too and watching my dad fall off was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, so it’s a goal for me to never fall- especially in front of a bunch of people on the beach, but a little humility now and there does everyone good I think!
I hope you enjoyed reading because I sure enjoyed the day with my family at Zephyr Cove in gorgeous Tahoe!








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